Firstness of Secondness in the Third Correlate originates Syntax: the possible effect produced on the interpreter by the connection between Subject and Predicate, as to generate information. Note, however, that this information remains as Firstness. Hence, Peirce affirms that the Syntax is the Dicisign considered as a First (CP 2.320) and, therefore, the Fact that concerns the Dicisign. Traditionally, in logic, the Syntax is called Copula. Sometimes it is even considered the third necessary element in every Proposition. Peirce shows, however, that this is due to an accident of the western languages (CP 2.319). Peirce considers the Syntax the most peculiar of the Signs and a fundamental one to enable any kind of Communication (CP 3.621). It is the Syntax that expresses, for example, the factual information produced in the Perceptual Judgment – which is the first stage of every logical and communicational process. In Perception, the Syntax is the Perceptual Fact, a generalization of the percept by means of its coalescence in the Perceptive Universe expressed by the Metaphor.