S-DO-FI (aspect of the relation sign-dynamic object-final interpretant)

It is the aspect which describes the communication among Sign, Dynamic Object and Final Interpretant. The trichotomy S-DO-FI expresses the final information the effective communicative flow of S-DO-DI is bound to transmit if communication is taken up to its completion. It is, therefore, the entelechy (W:5.404), or Perfect Sign (EP2: 545, n.25). If it is a pure possibility (Rhema), it can play the role of the Predicate of a Proposition, incorporating the information produced in the flow of S-DO-DI; if it assumes the status of Secondness, it can be a proposition or an inductive inference. Should it be presented as Thirdness, it would be a complete argument. It is important to understand that these three types of signs just cited (proposition, induction and argument) occur on the telic axis of Signification and they all express the final cause of the Signification process. A proposition, for instance, is a communicative sign whose information cannot be exhausted by any multitude of communicative syntax (or assertions) that may occur as a result of the S-DO-DI trichotomy.