Secondness in the Third Correlate originates Induction: a synonym for attention, abstraction and generalization: when we note that a sample of a class of elements has some determined property, we can generalize affirming that the whole class from which the sample was originated has this same property (CP 2.624). Induction is an essentially denotative inference, for it is based on the fact that the premise is associated with its conclusion through a relation of contiguity. If the Abduction produces hypothesis, the Induction produces beliefs or mental habits that will guide our conducts. Every change of habit, of belief or conduct is, therefore, the effect of Induction over a new cognition. As in the case of the Dicisign, the belief produced by Induction can be denied, affirmed, doubted etc, and it will continue to be the same belief. As in the case of the Dicisign too, the Induction exists in the axis of the Signification, the same where the flux of information runs.