Immediate interpretant (aspect)

The Immediate Interpretant (II) is the immediate effect of signification, always internal to the Sign. In its most fundamental garment, it is the perceived arrow of time. When we have a full-fledged sign, the II is the significance of the sign, a kind of “interpretative atmosphere” the interpreter attributes to the sign, an interpretability that exists only in posse and dependent on a dynamic interpretant to be manifested. In perception, the same way the immediate object is converted first into a percipuum and then into the ground of the sign when it gains generality, the immediate interpretant, when it gains generality, is converted from perceptual fact to perceptual judgment. This transformation is the borderline indicating the presence of a full-fledged sign (cf. Santaella, 1998, pp 108-112). Following the trichotomic division of the categories, the immediate interpretant can be emotional (the possibility of interpreting the sign emotively), energetic (the possibility of interpreting the sign effectively) or logical (the possibility of interpreting the sign as habit or as conventional).