Firstness of thirdness

Represented by 1”. The Firstness of Thirdness correspond to the “flavor or color of the mediation”, or the mentalistic primitive aspects that permeates the universe (CP 1.533; CP 6.301). The Firstness of Thirdness would correspond to the maximum state of entropy of a system (cf. Prigogine, 1996, p. 68). It seems also to correspond to the subtle bonds of mediation of the doctrine of the Synechism (CP 5.4), in which idealistic elements produce the continuum that permeates the whole universe. This continuuum, however, is not Cantor’s, but one that posses the property Peirce calls kanticity (there is always a point between two points of a series) and aristotelicity (the totality of the multitude of a series is contained in any of its infinite possible divisions) (cf. CP 6.122;  NEM 4:343). We propose to call it Holicity.